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Optex RCTD-20U Wireless 2000 Annunciator Driveway Alarm

Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Optex RCTD-20U Wireless 2000 Annunciator Driveway Alarm


Optex RCTD-20U Wireless 2000 Annunciator Driveway Alarm
Optex RCTD-20U Wireless 2000 Annunciator Driveway Alarm

Item Description

The Optex RCTD-20U Wireless 2000 Annunciator is a wireless detection and alarm system that can transmit signals up to 2,000 feet. Use the Wireless 2000 Annunciator as a perimeter alert for your dwelling or shop, a driveway alarm to detect approaching vehic

Product Details

  • Shipping Weight: 2.1 pounds (View shipping rates and policies)
  • ASIN: B003XKQ6W0
  • Item model number: RCTD-20U

Technical Details

  • Easy installation and setup
  • Indoor and outdoor use
  • Extra long transmission range of up to 2000 feet
  • Adjustable volume
  • On-Off control

Client Evaluations

I bought yet another product about a year ago (I will not mention their name, but the acronym is VA). It was total garbage, simply because in spite of so-known as "filters", it picked up each darn bird, squirrel, cat, and almost everything else. Like the proverbial "Boy who cried wolf", what is the point of an alert system that gives you so quite a few false alarms that you can no longer tell what is real and what is not?
But, this product is 100x greater...or in fairness...Perfect! It has such an astonishingly precise beam of detection that I could crawl down my driveway crouched low with my head down, and it would not pick me up (specifically what I wanted, to steer clear of small dogs triggering it). But, when repeating the same test with my head up, BINGO, it got me each and every time.
Furthermore, as opposed to the other item, you cannot run rapid past the sensors. Yea, that may possibly not seem like a large deal, but when prospective hoodlums run up your driveway to cause damage to your automobile, you kinda want the device to tell you. My prior acquire couldn't detect it, but this product can.
Do not get me incorrect it is sensitive so cautious placement is fundamental. For example, I replaced 1 of the transmitters over my front porch, to alert me when an individual has approached my front door (but for questionable reasons, opted not to ring the doorbell). In the initially two days, I received 3 false triggers, but it was my fault, and not the unit. The setting I picked for the unit was so wide, that it picked up squirrels walking on either side of my front methods. It was an straightforward repair as I just just aimed the sensor higher up, to avoid the ground and aim a lot more at my front door. NOT A SINGLE FALSE ALERT IN AN Complete WEEK (versus quite a few per-day with my other unit).
I did not invest in from J. Mac considering that I do not like their return policy. If they had offered a "Satisfaction guaranteed or your revenue back", I would have bought from them. But it can be debated as to whether a motion sensor device is "defective" if it picks up a squirrel...and I didn't want to fight them on a return if this item did not work as promised. It does function totally perfectly, but J. Mac lost out on my $$$ due to the fact of their personal policy. Incidentally, the enterprise I ultimately did buy from did in fact have an absolute 30-day satisfaction guarantee or your dollars back. They got my business and I am tickled pink!
Lastly, tech assistance (I produced quite a few pre-sales inquires) are fantastic, though they are a bit busy. This is not to be held against them, simply because if you sell technical item you are certainly going to get pretty a handful of calls. The tech I talked to was so fantastic, he even gave me his private extension so that upon receipt, I could ask for assistance. It wasn't required as the darn issue worked so ideal.
Oh, and did I mention that I purchased two kits (two transmitters and two receivers)? They are being utilised in an upstairs/downstairs arrangement where each receivers signal the identical tone, so regardless of exactly where we are in the house, we'll nonetheless hear it. Once again, all four pieces work PERFECTLY.
If you opt for yet another item and are dissatisfied...don't blame me. I've told you to buy this item!
PS: Considering that the item is such a superior product, I see no reason why other individuals will need to be as skeptical as me. I am that way given that I got burned on one more item by a different manufacturer. But since this item has confirmed itself, I don't see any problem purchasing from J. Mac.

This alarm definitely functions well. Too well, basically. I wish there was some way to adjust the sensitivity. Perhaps I have a lot of squirrels who like to run up and down the tree to which it is attached. It definitely goes off considerably extra regularly when the wind is high. I had an Annunciator 1000 for nearly ten years that worked terrific and finally died. That's why I purchased this a single. The signal has to get by way of a tiny shed (same place as 1000, no line of sight to the receiver, and about 100 feet) and it undoubtedly does!
Optex RCTD-20U Wireless 2000 Annunciator Driveway Alarm


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